- Chapter 5 - Tender Is The Night

Chapter 5 – Tender Is The Night

  • Juliette and her friands are about to enter in the famous Banana Club
  • In the dark of the night, the Banana Club opens its door to the little group
  • They are ready to everything. Even to confront this horrible music with terrible lyrics
  • it's even worse than they thought. The group is ridiculous. When a mysterious silhouette bump into Juliette !
  • It's the evilish HELENA ! She doesn't see the problem
  • Jeremie is outraged ! She's so mean ! What's her problem with Juliette ?
  • As Helena becomes more and more insulting, Jeremie slaps her in her face. The concert stops...
  • As one member of the group, Axel, explain Jeremie how wrong it is to hurt women. Jeremie explains how wrong it is to make such crappy music.
  • And get slapped in his face by another member of the group. Its wrong to attack other's people hard work. Juliette throws herself in the battle : it's wrong to hurt her friends !
  • Everybody fights. Police rush in
  • Kids AND musicians are good for a good yelling : the parents are coming
  • The now terrifying mother of Juliette is here, and she's not here to play. She's FURIOUS
  • She KNOWS all off this is Juliette falt... but
  • Are the guys really obliged to follow her stupid ideas ?!
  • She left Juliette home and then drive away to get Jeremie and Jerome to their parents
  • Jeremie is really happy : he's been such a hero
  • But it's only the beginning of their problems...
  • To be continued !

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WOUHOU ! AND THAT’s THE LAST PART OF THE PART 1 OF THE PROLOGUE ! (What !? How many part and how many prologues does this story have i? Mmm… I know it’s complicated.  But all will soon be revealed ! Stay tuned ! What a suspense !)

As always, the pages translation is still the Work Of Art of the amazing Shoshana Den-Macker ( who is really cool and fun and a delight to work with ! If you are looking for a translator… hire her ❤️🌸!)

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