- Chapitre 4

Chapitre 4 – May the rain fall forever

  • Juliette ruminates on a bench
  • Juliette still ruminates on a bench
  • J and J join her, and cuddle with her, just to make her smile again. It's almost a success, but the sound of Helena's voice ruins it all
  • All Helena's group ( Lili is a part of it now ! ) is planning their afternoon altogether with a lot of giggles and
  • Juliette is planning, on her side, to eviscerate them all with a fork
  • The boys are against it. So Juliette comes with a plan B. THEY are going to the concert as well
  • The boys are horrified but Juliette insist: she wants to talk to Juliette

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And… tadaaa Part 4 is complete ! Wouhou !

The pages translation is still the Work Of Art of the amazing Shoshana Den-Macker ( who is really cool and fun and a delight to work with ! If you are looking for a translator… hire her ❤️🌸!)

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