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So you like us ? We ADORE YOU

What to do with all of that love ? Yes, what?

It all depends on the level of your ❤️love❤️, darlings❤️✨ :

It fills your heart and your brain, flooding you to the ends of your nails and even your toe hairs are shivering with it ?

❤️Let us know ! In the commentaries, by email, on Instagram, Twitter or with airplane vapor trail (our favorite media)…Our artistic megalomania ego is a bottomless well that never has enough love! It’s simple, love is our gas, our energetic multivitamin juice, our kale-spiralina-celery-broccoli smoothie which we don’t even have to drink and thus it’s even better. Promised we will not become full of ourselves. Well Badmonkey will get full of herself but since she doesn’t draw, it won’t show. She will just be more tyrannical than usual, but nothing unmanageable. So no silent love, or Julius will fall into a deep depression. No readers in the shadows or we will think that you do not exist and lose all will to write. And plus it is not a one-way love: each month, the best letter of love, the most creative of them, will receive a little personalized drawing made from our own hands.

Your hands shake in every direction seeking out someone to hold close to you, all of this love only asks to jet out of your nostrils in order to throw itself into this world ?

❤️Don’t keep all that for yourself, it won’t end well : sow-it ! Yell it on the roof tops, sing it in your bathroom, etch it into the windshield of your car, or whisper it behind your elevators neighbors ear (creepy, we know) ! Harass your close friends with your passion and be as annoying as Untergaarden and Julius when they discovered Doctor Who ❤️ and  RuPaul Drag Race ❤️❤️❤️(but of course, thank you for sharing your love with people of taste who will be able to appreciate this big mix of whatever and what-ya-ma-call-its, no need to tell of our existence to children, sensitive souls and trolls)

A volcano spurts from your chest, you have hugged all the trees, writing a passionate email to everybody your know, harassed your mother on the phone and still it remains the inexhaustible flow of love that does not know what to do with itself ?

Don’t stay like that ! It is time to think bigger ! It is time to achieve all the force of your cosmic potential and to become…A ❤️love Agent❤️ !

❤️ Transform this love into fried potatoes in our plats by buying our books on Amazon or ibook store as soon as they come out ! (at the end of each chapter I will keep you posted!) and don’t forget to leave a eulogistic commentary of 5 stars each time you buy : your love will become exponential and will spread like a gravitational wave to the four corners of the universe !

❤️ Or otherwise there are plenty of goodies to express your love on your walls and with your wardrobe. It is all explained here.

And never forget the famous Dalai Lama quote :

“All unexpressed love perishes and transforms itself into cellulite on our thighs, or protein aggregates in the brain ❤️”

Thus, you do not want that to happen, no no no !  So like RuPaul lets all open our hearts and…We all say LOVE !

Once again ?

Because we can’t get enough of it !

You are AWESOME ✨!