- Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – LUST

  • Lili is sleeping in her pink tiny room... and a strange long figure has just invited herself in !
  • Juliette comes over Lili, with a gigantic scissor...
  • Juliette DOES really have a thing for Lili
  • Lili tries to escape ! But the elephant catches her !
  • Cause the Elephant actually have a piece of advice for Juliette !
  • The elephant pretends he knows how to please girls
  • And suddenly Juliette is gifted with a new accessories ! ... A penis !
  • Because this is the night when all masks fall
  • And suddenly Lili seems to be so much more into it !
  • And then Juliette awoke, a potato peeler in the hand
  • Etait-ce le signe de quelques chose ? Jérémie et Jérome rigolent : peut-être qu'en fait ils déteignent vraiment sur Juliette ! Ce que Juliette prend pour un aveu : eux aussi font des rêves érotiques avec Lili ?
  • But Jeremie and Jerome are pretty sure about it : NO they don't dream about Lili. But... about WHO then ?
  • But Juliette's imagination has no limits
  • Really. No limit.
  • Jerome and Jeremie rush into a tickling fight just to stop this mental torture but they are interrupted by a big blow of horn !
  • Juliette's father is here, he cames to pick her up. But before leaving, Juliette can prevent herself to challenge her mates : she
  • And the girl is off to tennis
  • And the boys stay alone, meanwhile Juliette is worried about her father weirdness... but he pretends everything is fine

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