- Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – EDEN

  • Juliette, Jérémie et Jérome, were kind of Power-Rangers
  • Life was for them as simple as the knock of a hand on the door
  • That is how they were, always showing up and each-others’ houses, at any time ! Even Saturday morning, Juliette just out of the shower still in a towel, was a perfect time to meet !
  • The parents were used to that they always doubled the pancakes ration, just in case ! But this time the pancakes were not needed...
  • But Jeremie and Jerome are here to kidnap Juliette !
  • Or, to be precise, Jeremie and Jerome had come to ask Juliette the permission to kidnap her, and she gladly give them !
  • And here they are, on their way on the most. dangerous scooter the world has ever known...
  • To see the giant elephant in town. What a beauty !
  • Life was really cool for Juliette, Jeremie and Jerome, and nothing could ever pull them apart.
  • Or so they thought... Till this famous day at school...
  • Jérémie réalise que Juliette a un crush pour Lili, la nouvelle de la classe
  • And Juliette is a little bit worried about this crush... what if...
  • What if ... from always hanging out with the two guys, she was herself turning into one of them ? Jeremie and Jerome doubt that : if she were turning into a guy, she would be like them : feeling nothing special for Lili. Finding her a little bit ditsy, even ! Juliette, a little bit irritated, decide to go and speak to Lili
  • Seeing Juliette speaking sooo easily to Lili and even playing with her hair and offering her a gift, Jeremie and Jerome are adamant: if she were a guy, she would never dare to talk to Lili like that
  • Juliette is so happy to have talk to lili : she has the same tastes than them, and she agreed playing tennis with Juliette on Wednesday ! Jeremie and Jerome are so happy for their friend to have at least a girlfriend, but Juliette is affirmative: her. favorites girlfriends will always be Jeremie and Jerome !
  • Pendant ce temps, Lili observe le porte clé qu'elle a eu en cadeau avec circonspection

Page 1

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