F.A.Q 01 – What the fuck is that crappy frenglish ? Are you some kind of weird J.C.V.D ?

Apart the fact that we share in our hearts a deep love for Belgium and a certain enthousiasm for life, there is nothing J.C.V.D about this blog. This Strange Globish Language is the one I speak in my head. It’s probably due to Subtitled’TV shows binge watching and to have read a LOT too much scantrad manga online. So you will have things in english, in french, in frenglish, and c’est la vie, il faudra vous y habituer ( en attendant que je mette en place mon super système de notes bilingues ) … Et encore vous plaignez pas, j’ai remis Pimsleur Japanese dans mon lecteur MP3… Gambatte !

D’autres questions ? Hop, un petit formulaire :