Dangerous Mix

Romeo et Juliette avaient cette relation toxique...


Romeo and Juliet

Should just have hang around in the supermarket

Should just have bought a pack of cigarette

And beer bottles ( the cheapest, the best)


But Romeo and Juliet.

Had flamboyant dreams.

The kind of dreams that kills them.


No future made of funny kids and knitting afternoon,

No future worrying about growing old or poor or both,

No future fighting for grand things they will never have.


I’m a little bit jealous of them,

Me, who just wanted to spend an afternoon on this bench

Drinking sangria and gazing at birds

The sun warming gently those silly moustaches

I’m desperately trying to grow.

I Wonder how many time I would have wait


Before throwing myself in the river

End this ridiculous fight against eternity,

And give back to Mother Earth those cells

She should have given to another soul

So She could have grow out of it

A fairly more interesting story.


Julius K. 

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