Meet Clément !

Clement was so tired he was sleeping on of the shoulder of the Chinese Restaurant's security guy

I remember when I met Clement

He was sick like a dog

He was buying a canned soup

I said Hey, come to my house instead

I will make you some thyme tea

I was sick for ten days

And even think that he is the one to have given me Hepatitis B
But I adore Clement

And still to this day as I spit my lungs out

I prepare myself the chicken soup
the same one I did not let him buy.

Clement lives 12 lives at a time

And I have one less because of him

But anyways, even if I had more
I would not know what to do with them all
I would go to the super market to meet the next Clement
Who could shorten another one of mine
I think I can’t wait to look death in the face
Just to reassure myself that it isn’t all that scary



( Translation by of the amazing Shoshana Den-Macker ( who is really cool and fun and a delight to work with ! If you are looking for a translator… hire her ❤️🌸!)

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